Middle School Girls

Drop-off is Friday afternoon at 3:00PM at the home base for the weekend in either Arlington, Richmond, or Durham. Specific location: TBA
Pick-up is Sunday afternoon at 2:00PM at the same location.
Day 1: Friday
3:00PM – Gather in Arlington, Richmond or Durham to distribute gear and pack.
4:00PM – Drive to trail head.
5:30PM – Hike short distance to first campsite. Set up camp.
7:00PM – Eat dinner. First Trail Talk session.
9:00PM – Feeling check. Bed.
Day 2: Saturday
7:30AM – Wake up. Pack up camp. Eat breakfast.
9:30AM – Hike, take breaks, enjoy views, sing songs, play games
12:30PM – Eat lunch. Second TrailTalk session.
1:30PM – Hike some more.
4:30PM – Arrive to second campsite. Set up camp. Snacks.
5:30PM – Free Time/Yoga/Meditation/Relax/Rest period.
6:30PM – Camp chores. Eat dinner. Campfire.
8:00PM – Final Trail Talk session
9:00PM – Feeling check. Star-gazing. Bed.
Day 3: Sunday
7:00AM – Wake up. Pack up camp. Eat breakfast.
8:30AM – Hike few miles to car.
11:00AM – Drive back to Arlington, Richmond, or Durham.
12:30PM – Eat lunch. Unpack. Wash group gear.
2:00PM – Depart in peace.
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